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Risk Management

Rich Arlington & Associates has over 20 years of experience battling some of the worst weather imaginable. We are retained as expert witnesses in slip & fall lawsuits and therefore we can help reduce your risk for the inevitable lawsuit that you will become involved in.

Snow, ice and landscape contractors

  • Do you understand the scope of work your asked to complete?
  • Do you keep accurate data of each event to defend yourself in a lawsuit?
  • What form of communication do you have with your customers?
  • Do you have a snow watch program and does it work?
  • Want to know what you are signing when you sign their contract?
  • Want the Peace of Mind knowing your procedures are correct and efficient?
  • Who determines when to salt and why it must be you?
  • Who determines where to pile snow and why it should not be you?
  • What is Freeze / Thaw cycles and why should you worry about them.
  • Is this person a sub-contractor or an employee and do you know the difference?
  • How to salt without creating refreeze?

Property owners and managers

  • Do you have a scope of work that enables the contractor to keep your site safe?
  • Do you have a properly written Snow Response Plan?
  • Does your RFP really incorporate the items you need to be bid on?
  • Are you soliciting bids from the right contractors for your site?

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