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Expert Witness

Expert witnesses are hard to find in the snow, ice and landscaping industries. Rich Arlington & Associates has developed a network of Certified Snow Professionals that are available to assist you and your client in the event of a lawsuit. Our associates will review your entire case file to determine if negligence was present. We will review the following areas for each case:

Snow & ice management cases

  • Salt usage for ice control
  • Depositions taken to compose expert summaries
  • Site plan to establish best snow storage areas
  • Data provided to establish possible liability for accidents
  • Trial expert witness testimony
  • Contractor safety and training procedures as compared to industry standards
  • Contractor practices and methods as compared to industry standards
  • Was the contract proper for the snow and ice industry
  • Weather patterns to establish correct ice control methods
  • The site snow response plan to establish procedures requested were followed
  • If a scope of work is written for this case, does it give proper directions to the contractor
  • Were financial constraints established that limited the proper procedures for snow and ice management

Landscape installation and design cases

  • Placement of shrubs for safety
  • Installation procedures as per industry standards
  • Plant selection for climate and placement
  • Chemical usage given area treated

Upon completion of this review Rich Arlington and Associates will write a summary review that may be used by the client. If requested we can visit the site in question and testify in a court of law.

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